Wayne Harvey TV 175 S type

Lambretta TV 175 S type
Lambretta TV 175 S type
Lambretta TV 175 S type
Lambretta TV 175 S type

My 1964 TV 175 History.

I purchased this scooter as a wreck from Nottingham back in 2000. This was my first Lambretta and the first restoration took 10 months. She was originally cream with red stripes on the panels. Over the years, I added some accessories and Scootopia Nanucci seat.In August 2012, the TV was looking like it needed a facelift so I decided to build an AF S Type replica but design it slightly different to the normal replicas.I decided to keep the original cream and to add in a very vivid red to complement the cream. The red I chose was Alfa Romeo red. Another Milan favourite.The TV was stripped down with the frame going to Diablo in Nuneaton to have a NOS chrome ring fitted. My engine also went to Diablo so Alan Terry could work his magic.The engine was completely stripped and bead blasted, the casing was mirror polished. A Casa 185 kit was fitted with a DRT Tornado crank, Casa Parmakit electronic kit and a RLC Cyclone 5 speed gearbox was added. To transmit the power, an 18 / 46 gearing ratio was used along with an 82 pitch chain, a Surflex 4 plate clutch, uprated springs and a 50mm Gori exhaust to complete the jigsaw.Once the frame was back home, it was despatched for blasting and powder coating. The whole frame was powder coated cream and the loop was painted red in Alfa Romeo Red.All the internals were also powder coated white. The toolbox door was done in red on the outside and cream in the inside. Chris & Tim Ward do all my preparation and spraying. The final pin stripe touches and racing ovels on the panels were done by Gary Cooper at MD Machine.The headset, forks and panels were all done in cream with the legshields, running boards, bridge piece and Stinger rear light being done in red. I went for all red legshields and running boards as I thought this looked better and more eye catching.I also added some little touches to the restoration – black front fork springs to match the rear Casa shock absorber, black felt under the tank straps, all extra wiring for Pathfinders taken from 3 Casa wiring looms, original mini S Type badges, Lucas Pathfinder light rubbers, dummy original 60’s Sava 6 volt battery linked to a 12 volt gel battery in the toolbox as per original S Type spec. An extra long AF Rayspeed engine mount was added with a matching engine bolt. A heat sink & zenor diode was wired in to stop any possible overcharging.To operate the pathfinders, RLC converted an LI 150 switch. Scoot graphics did the S Type graphics and scooterbox did the front plates. The extra S Type graphics on the tank & toolbox were sourced from Scooter Products.The period tax disk was supplied by Popular Greg – the date is an historic event (see if you can work it out). All the chrome was done by Quality Chrome. My inspiration for this project came from David Hardy’s Team S Equipe web site. This was a bible to all things S Type.


TV 175 S Type Specifications

MB linksMB Fork Rods

MB Uprated Springs colour co -ordinated to match Casa rear shock

Casa remade dampers (original spec)

Uprated sintered disk pads

RLC reverse pull cable holder and adjuster

Vented front disk

RLC disk cooler

RLC grey damper covers

Original Granny stabber levers converted to Ball ends as per AF specification

Innocenti LI 150 switch housing

12 volt DC Casa horn

S Type fabric lever protectors

Arthur Francis dealer sticker (remade)

Original LI 150 switch and lever housing

Original LI 150 switch converted to run duel pathfinders (1 spot / 1 fog)

Original Grabor TV Ignition with keys

AF Rayspeed designed keyring

Original Carello TV light lens

Original Smiths 80mph speedo complete with cable.

Converted headset top by Tim Mason & TL Darby

Original chrome ring

Original Lambretta scroll badge

Fibreglass TV Mudguard by Hodgey

Front S Type “S” badge by Disco Dez

Original Lucas pathfinder mounting rubbers

Lucas Pathfinder lights from a mini dealership in Tamworth

Lucas light coversVincent Mercier Pathfinder fixing kit

Casa TV 175 badge

3 Casa wiring looms used to match wiring grey colour

Original vigano spare wheel holder

Original Ken Cobbing legshield beeding

Innocenti stamped Tutto wheel rims

Innocenti stamped spare wheel cover

MB Stainless wheel nuts and Quality Chrome original hub nuts

Casa stand and splash plate

1960’s Granturismo stand feet

Pirelli SC28 tyres

Tutto Lambretta rear runner kit

Innocenti original cupped washers for floor kit.

3 pin rear brake switch

Original dummy 6 volt Sava battery with 12 volt gel battery wired in toolbox.

Original Triumph Heat sink & zenor diode

Scootopia Nanucci humpback seat

Scootopia Sebring rack

Stinger US spec rear light with Triumph light lens

US spec rear number plate holder both by Tim Mason

Custom show mirror finish rear number plate by Scooterbox

Casa rear badges fettled to match originals

Original Mini Cooper “S” badges

Tino Saachi rear safe hub

Original NOS Innocenti brake shoes

Authur Francis panel lock

50ml Gori expansion exhaust with chromed downpipe

Casa 185 kit matched to exhaust

Trimmed cylinder cowl

Casa nylon lined cables complete with cable oilers

Parmakit electronic ignition inc Casa Lambretta rectifier

DRT Tornado 185 crank

Bead blasted TV engine casing

Polished side casing

Surflex 4 plate clutch and uprated springs

LTH push down chain tensioner

82 pitch IWIS chain with 18 tooth Italian front sprocket and 46 tooth Italian rear sprocket.

Cyclone 5 speed gearbox

New Andy Francis Italian layshaft

MB cylinder studs

AF Rayspeed extended engine mount

New bearings & seals used throughout

Colour coded clutch & gear selector linkages to match shockers.

MB Chain stainless steel breather & gear oil nuts

Stainless steel dome nuts on engine casing

Delorto 26ml PHBH carb

Tino Saachi Mugello manifold and rubber mount

Rear exit petrol tap

Stainless fasteners throughout

1960’s Champion spark plug cap

Halcyon flip out mirror

Casa rear shock

MB shocker and engine bolt nuts

S Type 1960’s graphics

Alfa Romeo red paint / Mazda white paint

Powder coat and paint by Chris & Tim Ward

Panel beaten by AndyWelding by Tony Phillips

Cary Cooper pinstriping and racing ovals

Scoot Graphics AF Extra graphics

Scoot Graphics Filtrate stickers (2 types)

Vintage Filtrate stickers

Front number plates by Scooter Box

1966 tax disc by Popular Greg

White personalised running in sticker to match Cyclone

Chrome by Karl & Keith at Quality Chrome

Engine built by Alan Terry at Diablo

S Type Clubman

Riding Gear

Davida Classic pudding bowl racing helmet with Filtrate Crow & Innocenti White star air brushed on (Gary Cooper)

Davida leather chin protector

Black Halcyon racing goggles

Black Gasolina leather racing boots

Brown Belstaff Trophy jacket

Cream fisherman’s socks

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